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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Youths Choose Tech over Scent

What would you sacrifice for your cell phone? What have you already sacrificed?


Taking a break from texting, for roses and alyssum

How do you “connect” with a lilac?

We’ve just discovered a multi-national marketing study finding that a majority of 16-22 year olds would rather lose their sense of smell than give up their cell phones and other social networking devices.

The research, carried out by McCann Worldgroup, polled youths in the U.S., United Kingdom, Spain, China, India, Brazil and Mexico using some kind of random sampling, then followed up with qualitative research in 17 countries. (You’ll note that France wasn’t included.)

“While technology has often been referred to in jest as an appendage of today’s youth, over half (53%) of 16-22 year olds said they would rather give up their sense of smell than give up their technology.  For this generation, technology is not an add-on.  It is a tool that enables them to sense the world and make sense of the world.”

What is cantaloupe or a pine tree, or, surely, sweet alyssum? How do you “make sense” of b.o. without a sense of smell?

McCann studied 7000 16-30 year olds in April 2011. Along with their shocking finding about the strong attachment to gadgetry, the researchers conclude that the young most prize “Justice” and “Truth,” and see themselves are reliable arbiters of both. How does one know the “truth” about whether spring has arrived, or the bread’s ready, or the house is on fire?

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