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Monday, July 25, 2011

Wedding Belles, Wedding Beaux

Let love lead—and legally.


Luz Heurtelou (left) and Nastassia Heurtelou waited to be married at the Brooklyn Clerk’s Office, July 24. New York’s Marriage Equality Act took effect Sunday.

Photo: Reuters

Sunday’s not ordinarily a big day for weddings, but July 24, 2011 was a resounding exception. New York state’s new law legalizing same-sex marriages went into effect at midnight and the vowing, kissing, and flower wearing haven’t let up since.

On Monday, a mass wedding in Niagara Falls saw 46 same-sex couples exchange vows, and 100 more couples were expected to marry en masse at Bethpage State Park on Long Island on Tuesday.”

Congratulations and best wishes for wedded happiness to all, gay and lesbian and straight, bold enough to jump the broom.

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Posted by Julie on 07/25 at 04:57 PM
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