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Friday, September 26, 2008

Walking with ‘Sharp-eyed’  Margot

For flower lovers, there’s a “there there” along San Francisco’s East Bay. With prompting from a pink rose and garden writer, Georgia Silvera Seamans gets a move on, and we tag along.

imageBerkeley Rose Garden, Berkeley, California

Photo: City of Berkeley, Parks and Recreation

By Georgia Silvera Seamans

The hybrid pink tea rose has peaked.  It has several bloom cycles, each bloom boom happily enjoyed from the kitchen window during breakfast.  It’s not a gathering rose.  The small flowers wilt within a day.

The rose is on my mind by way of Margot Patterson Doss’s 1978 “There, There,” a book of walks in San Francisco’s East Bay. One takes her through the Berkeley Rose Garden, a chapter she opens a quote from the poet W.E. Henley:

O gather me the rose, the rose, while yet in flower we find it.

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Posted by Julie on 09/26 at 03:32 PM
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