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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vada Schwartz ~ My Florist in a Hot Rod

Arizona’s florist bandit conquered Phoenix with her imported orchids and out-sized personal style.

imageOnce Phoenix’s biggest flower shop, now a cafe

Photo: Phxpma

Progressives may want to tune out, as we reek of nostalgia today. Who wouldn’t after seeing this sign??

Those of you in Phoenix, Arizona, know it well: the landmark (skymark?) above 534 W McDowell Rd. Here for 49 years was the largest flower shop in the city, operated by Vada Schwartz, a small-businesswoman who was bigger than life…

…Once upon a time, Vada “rode up on a horse, bandana across her face, and proceeded to hold up her own store at gun point. She galloped away with all the money from the register, not to be seen for two weeks.” Today for a maneuver like that, she’d no doubt be on an ankle monitor, a suspected terrorist.

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Posted by Julie on 09/24 at 04:36 PM