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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Flower of Prog Rock

Musician Ted Thomas turns us on to a human flower project of the 1970s. When you decode it, send word (250 or less, please).


Peter Gabriel performs “Willow Farm” with Genesis

Photo: Peter Gabriel Scrapbook

Back about 1972, the pop music scene started diversifying way too wildly and broadly for us to keep up on all fronts (having one’s head in a Gratefully Dead cloud didn’t help things). So except for “Tommy” by the Who, we completely missed, among other genres, the Progressive Rock scene. Our friend Ted Thomas, a founder of prog rock band Thirteen of Everything,  is gently trying to educate us some 35 years later.

Recently, he treated us to a segment of concert footage—the band Genesis playing its opus “Supper’s Ready.”


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