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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Floral Side of Bob Dylan

Usually posed behind dark glasses, in railyards or on gritty streets, Dylan typically kept his distance from flowers, until he just couldn’t stand it anymore.


Bob Dylan with flowered hat

Rolling Thunder Revue, c. 1975

Photo: via cold splinters

Bob Dylan has outlasted so many nicer guys, better songwriters, Townes Van Zant, Tim Hardin, Steve Goodman – to name just three. Sorry. Comparisons aren’t fair, or very nice, for that matter, on somebody’s birthday. Happy 70th, Bob!

Our birthday wishes for you: a sense of humor and a better shtick than aloofness-as-significance. At 70, aloof looks way too much like demented.

We do revere many of his songs, though “his” belongs in scare quotes: Dylan borrowed lots of lyrics and tunes from old time folk, country and blues music. But who can hold that against him? Bards will be bards. They’ve always snagged whatever they loved, claiming it was only something “blowing in the wind.”

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Posted by Julie on 05/25 at 05:26 PM
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