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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Taipei’s Expo: Blooms for Gearheads

An international flower show opened this month in Taipei. Real flowers will come and go, but these mechanized blooms should (with spare parts) endure for the full five-month run.


“Burst,” a mechanical flower installation by You Wen-fu

on view at Taipei’s International Flora Expo

Photo: Reuters

For members of the press, anyway, the big hit at Taipei’s International Flora Exhibition appears to be mechanized: artist You Wen-fu’s “Burst,” 3.5 tons of faux blossom. In this video, in hangs like a chandelier and then fluffs apart to a girlie-voiced soundtrack and description (?) over a loudspeaker. (We can’t tell if the flashing lights on ‘Burst’ come from cellphone cameras or a strobe, but this is NOT your garden variety anything.)

Other mechanized attractions of the five-month expo include “leaf shaped speakers” inside the Pavillion of Dreams, a setting which “transforms visitors into beetles.” That does sound like fun! We’ve always wanted a carapace of our very own.

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Posted by Julie on 11/23 at 11:22 PM
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