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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Sunday Afternoon with Purpose

An autumn walk through Cambridge: stumps into sculpture, token shrubbery, a paucity of tree houses, and a cathedral-sized ash.

imageLow maintenance shrub, Milton Road

Photo: John Levett

By John Levett

It’s the ninth of November and this is the latest in the year, ever, that I’ve gone without switching on the central heating in my flat. This act of self-denial is a combination of choosing not to pay scumbag energy companies more than I have to, choosing to add a further layer of body cladding, counting on the above seasonal average temperatures to take me through to the upcoming capitalist fest and being out of the mood for the annual sellotaping of every draught tunnel between me and England.

Even though it’s reasonably mild and there’s no threat of early snow, my garden life has taken a back seat for about a month. The ramblers need a big cut-back this year and I began back in September making reasonable progress but, as is the way of these affairs, once you drop out of the habit of ‘a little but often’ it seems to take an age to drop back in. This year has been full of commitments to the groups I convene, exhibition organizing, personal art projects, workshops, meetings and meetings about meetings—nothing that I haven’t voluntarily entered into but draining nonetheless. I’ve sought and found islands of calm and the copacetic only to rustle up some exploration that sends me off again. Plus ça change …

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Posted by Julie on 11/09 at 06:57 PM
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