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Friday, February 11, 2011

Stuck inside Immobile

Photography, gardening, history, healing: John Levett avoids ‘fixed positions.’



Essay and Photos by John Levett

Sometime around 1963, at a party somewhere in south London, a friend asked me if I’d heard of Bob Dilan. I said ‘Yes’ because I always said ‘Yes’ because I had to be the one in the room who had to know. About everything. Even today I find it very difficult to say ‘No,’  to publicly acknowledge that I’m flawed. This is a terrible thing to carry around. When I’m preparing a new course or seminar it’s not the big issues that I dwell on but the footnotes, the question that might arise that I’ve got to plan for — Who was the tea boy of the Rheinische Zeitung when Marx was writing for it?; Did Mary Wollstonecraft travel port or starboard on the packet ship to France?; What was Hegel’s favourite brand of tobacco?; Did Mary Shelley write her drafts in pencil or charcoal? Don’t get called out!

So, Bob Dilan it was for a few months. This was OK as nobody I spoke to knew any different. It was on buying Freewheelin’ and being corrected by the record shop guy (“Dylan as in Thomas sir”: the patronizing scumbag!) that I had to list all those I’d talked to about ‘Dilan’, then meet casually and equally casually slip in, apropos of nothing, ‘Dylan’ with the hope they’d never bother remembering my aforementioned unhip references.

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