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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Should Cadillacs Be Forgot?

General Motors, after another near death experience, might be revived by making the vehicles of its glory days—like the flower car.


1958 Cadillac flower car

Photo: Washington Times

The cortege for Year 2008 is lined up, idling, ready to roll into history.  And in that procession, we hope to spot a flower car, loaded with funereal blooms—gladiolas and white carnations.

Never heard of a “flower car”? Until very recently, neither had we – yet more evidence of how that Goliath known as General Motors has been knocked in the head.

These were some of the priciest of GM’s “professional cars” – made to carry the casket in a discreet compartment, and above that,  an open deck (think El Camino) for transporting to the cemetery all those heaps of sympathy flowers people used to send.

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Posted by Julie on 12/31 at 06:53 PM
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