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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sexy as a Septennial

Some plants—and other species—flower every seven years. Anticipation really lights a fire (and can withstand one, too).

imageKarvy blossom

Photo: Mumbai Central

I’ve been waiting for you…

And you’ve been coming to me

For such a long time now….”

long, as in, seven years. No wonder the Mumbai newspapers and bloggers sound deeply in love—with karvy.

Strobilanthes callosus is blooming after a seven year rest. “Local businessman Julius Rego travelled for nearly two hours to see the Karvy. ‘It is not just the flowers but the entire landscape,’ he says.”

“I did see a whole clump of these shrubs with buds formed about two weeks ago in the forests near the Tansa sanctuary, just off the Mumbai Nashik road.” So India Mike alerts his readers, as if sighting a Bollywood starlet.


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Posted by Julie on 08/28 at 06:54 AM
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