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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Powerless in Kentucky

An ice storm Tuesday, and continuing winter weather, have brought the most extensive power outages in the history of Kentucky. With loved ones, wine, and camera, Allen Bush soldiers on.


A holly tree wears a suit of ice in Louisville, Kentucky;

172,000 houses are still without electricity there

Photo: Allen Bush

By Allen Bush

Rose and I were surprised we had power during the first twenty-four hours of the storm. But it was just a matter of time. Tuesday evening, twelve hours into snow and then – much worse – freezing rain, the power started going out around town. My neighbor, Lenny Lyles, likes to say our little piece of the power grid goes dark whenever a squirrel farts. They seldom lose electricity on the other side of the street. (I was warned in junior high school my lot would be the dark side of the street.) Remnants of hurricanes and head-on tornadoes had knocked-out power before. Hurricane Ike still packed a punch for the Ohio Valley and knocked-out power for a week last September) I was often jealous of my neighbors across the street.  The Louisville Gas and Electric representative has argued before that we have more squirrels shorting out lines on our critter friendly side of the street. Lenny was right.

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