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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Murakami Arouses Versailles

A Japanese pop-artist sends 50 squeals of comedy and commercialism through the palace of the king.


Artist Takashi Murakami dressed as his sculpture “Flower Matango” at Miami’s Art Basel, Dec. 2008

Photo: via Hypebeast

“Don’t touch my palace,” a group shouted outside the Château de Versailles on Tuesday.

The gathering, only about 20 strong but with a petition of some 5300 names in support, had come to protest an exhibit of Japanese artist Takashi Murakami that just opened inside the former palace of France’s King Louis XIV.

Fifty of Murakami’s sculptures have been installed in the rooms, hallways and gardens of the palace. Curators solicited these pieces with their plastic-easter-egg colors and cartoon imagery as a blast of pop, their humor and grandiose-triviality a wonderful counterpoint to all that heavy history and regal authority.

We were, of course, especially enchanted by Murakami’s Flower Matango, an immense bulb of floral smily-faces balanced on a pedestal and sprouting vine-like appendages. The piece looks especially striking here, wriggling its limbs into the stratosphere of Le Roi Soleil’s Hall of Mirrors. In fact, from what photographs can convey, Versailles’ setting does wonders for Flower Matango. In other installations, like this sensurround of Murakami-ana (right down to the wallpaper), the sculpture seems to disappear; the art of it falls asleep inside a thumb-sucking nursery.

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