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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mumbai, After

After three days of carnage, the people of Mumbai are mourning the dead and caring for the injured.


A Rapid Action Force policeman stood guard Sunday,

Nov. 30, outside the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai where

scores of people died in a terrorist rampage. Citizens

of the city paid their respects with flowers outside.

Photo: Saurabh Das, for AP

Wednesday’s attack on innocent people across Mumbai drew the world’s despairing attention. At least 195 people have been killed, and some 300 injured by 10 militants. The murderers had arrived by boat, fanned out across the city to the train station, two hotels, a temple, even a hospital, then began their killing spree. Most of the dead are Indian nationals. Mumbai officials have reported that “about 30 foreigners were killed including nine Israelis, five Americans, two French, two Australians and two Canadians.” Nine of the assailants, all from Pakistan, were killed in a standoff with city police. One was apprehended and has been talking to authorities about the group’s deadly plan.


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Posted by Julie on 11/30 at 05:29 PM
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