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Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day/The Iraq War

3682 U.S. soldiers and civilians have died in the Iraq War (May 26, 2007).  Soldiers from the U.K., Italy,  S. Korea, and many thousands from Iraq have died in the fighting. In October 2006, a U.S. university research team estimated that 655,000 Iraqi civilians had been killed; that was seven months ago. They said the war kills 500 Iraqis every day.


Funeral of U.S. Army Sgt. Gary Brent Coleman, age 24

Nov. 30, 2003, Pikeville, KY

Photo: Shawn Poynter for AP


Funeral of paratrooper Jacob Fletcher, 28, November 19, 2003

Long Island National Cemetery, Pinelawn, N.Y

Doreen and Ray Kenny, Fletcher’s mother and stepfather, sit at left

Photo: Ed Betz, for AP


Memorial for Kim Sun-Il, who was executed in Iraq

South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-Moon pays his respects

6/23/04, Busan, South Korea

Photo: Reuters


Funeral in Kirkuk, Iraq, Jan. 30, 2006

for a boy killed in a bomb attack outside a church

Photo: Slahaldeen Rasheed, for Reuters


Funeral for Master Sgt. Kevin Morehead, September 21, 2003

Fredonia Cemetery, near Judsonia, Arkansas

Chaplain Marc Gauthier, presiding

Photos:  Janet Wilson, for the Daily Citizen


Funeral of Marine Paul Collins, May 2006, CTC Lympstone

Collins, of Britain’s Royal Navy, was killed in Basra

Photo: Royal Navy


Sabrina Dent, at the funeral of her son Spc. Darryl Dent, 21,

a member of the District of Columbia National Guard

Arlington National Cemetery, Sept. 8, 2003

Dent died while on convoy duty near the town of Arimadi, Iraq

Photo: Stephen J. Boitano, for AP


Funeral of Izzadine SaleemIraqi, May 2004,  Baghdad

SaleemIraqi was chairman of the Iraqi Governing Council

Photo: Muhammed Muheisen, for AP


Funeral of DC3 Nathan Bruckenthal of the US Coast Guard

Arlington National Cemetery, May 7, 2004

Photo: PA2 Fa’iq El-Amin, for USCG


Funeral mass for 19 Italian soldiers who died in Iraq

November 18, 2003, Saint Paul’s Basilica, Rome


A child’s funeral in Iraq, February 2006

Photo: via Middle East News

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