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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Matchmaking on the Wedding Day

Georgia Silvera Seamans and other family members of a lucky bride and groom take on a human flower project the morning of a summer wedding.


For a Pittsburgh wedding the bride’s mother, a professional florist, guided the other women-relatives in making bouquets for the whole wedding party

Photo: Joe Seamans

By Georgia Silvera Seamans

I had watched my mother make bouquets for my brother’s wedding and even helped to wrap the stems, but I had never constructed a wedding bouquet on my own.

This gap in my resume was filled at the wedding of a cousin-in-law this August.  A cousin of my husband’s was marrying the daughter of a floral designer. Not only is the bride’s mother a working florist, she’s a great teacher.  She and the mother of the groom organized a bouquet-making class for the women relatives to take place the morning of the wedding.  (Prior days’ activities had included cookie making and Bollywood dancing lessons at the bride’s mehndi—though the bride is not of Indian descent).

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