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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Mardi Mal

Hurricane Katrina engulfed coastal Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, including the beloved Crescent City of New Orleans.


Water spilled over a levee along the Inner Harbor Navigational Canal in New Orleans, Louisiana, yesterday.

Photo: Vincent Laforet, for AFP

Two levees have broken, flooding New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina tore across the Gulf Coast.  Hundreds of thousands of people are stranded across the region and many have died.

We send along the image of a human flower, a Mardi Gras Indian in celebration of the city and its people. You’ll find also on this site some Mardi Gras Indian chants and music, which seem in order today. Jockomo-Fee-Nah-Ney.


Better Days: A Mardi Gras Indian struts through New Orleans

Photo: Mark Lacy

There are lots of organizations involved in relief. Here is one that’s feeding people:  America’s Second Harvest.

Posted by Julie on 08/31 at 10:59 AM
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