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Monday, September 05, 2011

Making $39 a Month?

There oughta be law against paying cut-flower workers (or anybody) just $39 a month. Naivasha’s MP has proposed to up their minimum wage. Leaders of the Kenyan industry are pushing back, hard.


A worker in Kenya’s $21 million cut flower industry

Photo: Business Daily

Do the cut-flower workers of Kenya deserve to make $100 A MONTH?

John Mututho, Member of Parliament from Naivasha, where the nation’s biggest flower farms are clustered, thinks so. And that would be a big pay raise! Mututho has introduced an amendment to the Labour Institutions Act that would increase flower workers’ monthly wages from the current 3,765 Kenya Shillings ($39.71) to Sh 10,050 (the equivalent of $106.01).

The Kenya Flower Council is lobbying Parliament, meanwhile, to prevent legislative authority over minimum wages, in other words, to keep wages down.

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Posted by Julie on 09/05 at 06:28 PM
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