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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Make Room for Betsy

A gift takes pride of place.


Life intervenes: ‘Louis Philippe’ (maybe), a china rose, passed along from Betsy Pirie, courtesy of Terry Childress

Photo: Human Flower Project

Garden design is to gardening as standing on the beach swinging your arms is to swimming in the ocean. Lots to be gained by arm-swinging, as in not drowning. But once you’re in over your head, other motions take precedence.

Social life is like that—oceanic. And by an act of kindness, we’ve just been ripped off shore.

Our neat, newly designed and planted (and exorbitant)  garden has been coming along fine this spring, even despite two+ months of sewer repairs the length of the street. Time, we figured, to pull some little weeds, kick back and watch Eden happen.

On our especially sunny south side, we’d put in six roses. Three were salvaged from the yard B.S.E. (Before the Stan Era): Archduke Charles, Russelliana (a.k.a. the Old Spanish rose), and JACarque or Honey Perfume (we abbreviate to H.P.). A Maggie and second Archduke Charles had fried last fall, along with three Ducher shrubs.

So we bought and planted a second Archduke Charles and two gorgeous F.J. Lindheimer roses (stay tuned for more on the latter). Settled, lovely, nearly symmetrical, and all blooming or coming into bloom.


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Posted by Julie on 04/16 at 12:10 PM
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