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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Listen Up: SF Garden Show 2009

Some people want to see garden exhibits. But Georgia Silvera Seamans takes notes on the garden-show-goers’ commentary. Enjoy the spikes and snarks of her fine experiment in participant observation.

Field notes and all photos by Georgia Silvera Seamans

Five things I learned at the San Francisco Garden Show


• Orchids

Orchids are a big deal.  Orchids attract a lot of attention and verbal responses like “Ooh” and “Aah.”  I used the pedestrian entrance and once I got past the lobby, I was greeted by a large ORCHID banner and numerous orchid vendors.  On the way to the “Marketplace” building I overheard two women coo at a gentleman who was pulling a wagon filled with orchids – purple, white, and pink.  To be clear, they were ogling the orchids, not the man.

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