Human Flower Project

Links, Flowers and Society

Dias com arvores

Beautiful multilingual weblog— showing trees, flowers and plants in the context of Portuguese history and culture.

Flower Alchemy—Planetary and Elemental Correspondences

Flowers as “subjects rather than objects.” Guides to planting by the Moon, making flower essences, much more.

Flowers of India

A marvelous site about flowers in India, essays about how flowers are handled in religious rites and cermonies and their use for more everyday occasions. Highly recommended!

Making Sense of Botanical Names

Diane Relf’s wise and friendly explanation of the Latin, scientific names for flowers


Greg Allikas’s window on the orchid world. It glorifies!

Plants & Japan

Masashi Yamaguchi’s exploration of flowers and plants in Japanese culture, with essays about botanical history, photos, and personal essays (in English).