Human Flower Project

Links, Gardening

American Horticultural Therapy Association

Botanic Gardens Conservation International

An international group dedicated to plant diversity: news, competitions, policy research, more….

Cold Climate Gardening

Links, advice, human warmth especially for gardeners in USDA Hardiness Zones 4 and colder

Dias com arvores

Beautiful multilingual weblog— showing trees, flowers and plants in the context of Portuguese history and culture.


Gorge on garden pictures by designer Pam Penick.

Ellis Hollow: Gardening, Politics & More

Communications pro, horticulturist, and speckled dog owner with a weakness (you know we mean strength) for Elvis Costello—Craig Cramer, near Ithaca, NY

Garden Rant

Four witty and experienced gardeners from across the U.S., trendspotting and media-watchdogging with abandon.

Gardening Blog Directory

Stuart Robinson’s United Nations of Garden Bloggers.

Heavy Petal

A Canadian gardener with impeccable taste, an organic credo, and (just in time!) a sense of humor.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Botanical garden and education center in Austin, TX, dedicated to raising public consciousness about native plants


Scientists even a humanist can appreciate, featuring seeds, possums and other living things from Georgia, also linking to the Wolfskin Volunteer Fire Department.

Paradis Express

Belle—n’est-ce pas?

The Transplantable Rose

Home base for “Annie” of a thousand pseudonyms, the diplomate of garden bloggers.

U.S. Plant Hardiness Zones Map

Key to growing seasons within the USA

Zanthan Gardens

Arguably the first garden blog ever created, M. Sinclair Stevens faithfully tracks progress and devolution in a Central Texas yard.