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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Kent Queasy over Yellow Blooms

An English town council has gone aflutter over the political implication of daffodils.


A non-controversial daffodil bouquet, in Kentucky

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Devotion to flowers is the saving grace of the English (just our tacky American opinion). But even in this respect our friends across the Atlantic can be a mite bit CONTROLLING.

The Scotsman must have enjoyed publishing this story: of a Tory-dominated town council forbidding daffodils.

“Valerie Jewess was stunned when told the bright yellow flowers had to go as they were the same colour associated with Liberal Democrats.” Ms. Jewess had brought the narcissus to thank employees at the Medway Council Archive Centre, Strood, Kent,  “for helping her research her family tree.”

The Medway council later made a public apology and said the flowers could stay. “In guidelines issued to managers reference was made to the colour of floral displays but, of course, we did not mean a bunch of daffodils.”

So, what exactly did you mean?

Posted by Julie on 04/28 at 04:24 PM
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