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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Imagining Derek Jarman’s Garden

‘The garden is off’ and John Levett is going with it.


Dungeness Beach

Photo: John Levett

By John Levett

A few months ago I was paid a fine compliment by one of the college students with whom I have had the privilege of working. She is Korean and an outstanding photographer. After a two-hour forum she came to me and said: “I don’t understand what you say but I like it very much.” I knew what she meant and I thanked her. The session had been a useful rambling affair in which one idea followed another without any seeming connection, without direction or goal and, importantly, without any consequence. I’m a Visiting Fellow this semester. There are no course credits for these sessions, no papers to file on time, no reading list to be marched through; just an opportunity to take ideas and see if they fit. I think we’d fit the idea of the university in the mind of Newman.

The session in question had involved extemporising on visual representations of memory and whether such representations are equivalent to trying to represent materiality. My view at one point was that any representation of memory should (as with materiality) equate to its fading and disappearance which, in turn, led me to thinking that the singular thought and acknowledgment of a memory would be a sufficient representation of it. I then thought that this sounded too much like my very own personal Onoesque ‘Fluxus Moment’ and I ought to ramble off somewhere else.

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