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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Horn of Plenty

The first cornucopia wasn’t a centerpiece or a harvest emblem—but a second-place lover’s trophy, filled with flowers.


Mega-cornicopia, the Bellagio, Las Vegas, Nevada

Photo: Images of Las Vegas

If you see a cornucopia this Thanksgiving, it’ll likely be a woven basket resting on its side and pretending to spill little pimply gourds and walnuts onto the table (or into the lobby of a casino). Nice, and as a centerpiece, it has the virtue of decorating horizontally, so you can also see the person sitting across from you at dinner.

The original cornu (horn) copia (plentiful), however, didn’t recline. It stood upright, more like a tuba, and contained flowers. With no disrespect to the orange and brown and yellow arrangements ornamenting the season, we’d like, in the spirit of plenty, to offer some variety.

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Posted by Julie on 11/27 at 07:49 PM
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