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Friday, February 20, 2009

HFQ #5: Eucalyptus cousin?


From India Flint in Mount Pleasant, South Australia:

“I wonder if you’d be so kind as to publish the attached image in the hope that someone might recognise the plant….”


Mystery leaf, from South Australia: Who knows it?

Photo: India Flint

“The leaves have the texture and scent of eucalyptus but differ in that the margins are undulating. Also when the leaf was torn, the ‘wound’ self-sealed quite firmly so that the heated leaf blew up like a little bubble. Most intriguing.”

India, you may remember, is a fiber artist, who works with indigenous plants of Australia. She has a number of textile workshops on the offing, and seems to be teaching year round, as well a experimenting with plant dyes, and making ballet costumes.

imageMystery plant

Photo: India Flint

“A student brought the leaf to a class recently here in South Australia,” she writes, “and later sent me the photo of the whole plant (now part of the attached collage). The rules are usually ‘If you can’t identify it, don’t pick it,’ but in this case, breaking the rules has introduced me to a new plant!”

“The ecoprint from the leaf was a lovely gold with tiny purple and brown dots.”

If anyone can help identify this plant, please leave a comment here. Or you may prefer to write India directly.

Posted by Julie on 02/20 at 03:47 PM
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