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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Here’s Comes the Bouquet, er uh, Bride

Johannesburg’s fashion crowd swoons for Franz Grabe.


Wedding dress by Julian & Franz Grabe

South Africa Fashion Week, July 2006

Photo: iAfrica

We always suspected that flowers figured so prominently at weddings to distract everyone from the bride’s imperfections. In our own wedding pictures, a bad haircut, tired eyes, tension, and a thrift shop ensemble are nearly blotted out by the biggest handful of July zinnias Louisville gardens could produce.

Now South African floral designer Franz Grabe, noted for his all-organic-flower couture, proves the point. On Day One of South Africa Fashion Week Grabe, ever a crowd favorite,  received ah-mens for his all blossom bridal gown. Working with designer Julian, Grabe’s couture “stole the show,” according to Lize de Kock. And that’s just what the bride is entitled to, right?

imageFranz Grabe Flower Couture, 2003

Photo: South African Fashion Designers

We found not nearly enough about Grabe, who apparently has been designing floral clothing for a number of years now. This site shows a few outfits for Him, also, including a smoking jacket with shiny frond lapels.

A few years back, Grabe collaborated with Coenie Hattingh on a 17-piece collection. “The garments, which Hattingh refers to as ‘disposable fashion,’ cost as much as R10,000 ($1456 USD) and last up to two days depending on the flowers and plants used.”

“Disposable,” actually isn’t right for either flowers or fashion. “Ephemeral,” maybe, or how about “recyclable,” since fashion is the only world we know where ever few years white (or green or pink…) will be new-new-new.

Posted by Julie on 07/30 at 02:16 PM
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