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Monday, November 29, 2004

Here Come the 14,000 Brides

It’s wedding season in India, and a particularly auspicious astrological event inspired more than ten thousand couples to tie the knot yesterday in New Delhi alone.

New Delhi pundits (priests) and flowers were both in short supply yesterday as couples swarmed into the city to marry. “Businessmen made the most of the day with prices of even marigold flowers to decorate the wedding marquees shooting up to about Rs.400 per kg from just about Rs.25 per kg on normal days,” India Times reported.

According to renowned astrologer Ajay Gautam, “of the six auspicious days that fall this month,” Nov. 28 was the “most propitious.”

Leaping from news to fantasy (always appropriate where weddings are concerned), may I recommend the Indian film “Monsoon Wedding” (and thank Phil Ardery for suggesting it). It includes far and away the most wonderful   proposal of marriage ever extended.


Vijay Raaz in “Monsoon Wedding”

(Please let us know your favorite floral movie scenes, matrimonial or otherwise.)

Posted by Julie on 11/29 at 04:14 PM
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