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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Guts, Glory: Clerodendrum bungei

Some houses are haunted. Others come with stealth, showboat shrubbery.


Rose glorybower is a beauty and a curiosity

but is she a winner?

Image: Human Flower Project

Several weeks ago friends Jeannie and Jim Harbour had us out to their beautiful new place west of Austin. The previous owner had turned over the keys with one request – “Please don’t cut down those strange black sticks all over the side yard.” She knew they’d be tempted. These slightly gnarled pokers has sprung up tall, about 4 feet high, with no sign of greenery in April, but by May big heart shaped leaved had grown, and then small bud clusters appeared, weird, like little bundles of matchheads, on the top of each leafy spike.

Two weeks later Jeannie and Jim understood what the seller had been talking about. The “match tips” had each opened up into a starry pink blossom, making bloomsheads big as hydrangeas. At the Natural Gardener they learned that along with the house and pool, they’d purchased a little grove of Rose Glorybower (Clerodendrum bungei).

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