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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Flowers Go Begging in Islamabad

Panic is bad for the flower business. Just ask the vendors in Pakistan’s capital.


A canary tests for methane fumes

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If a canary can sing in a coal mine, the air is safe for human lungs.  And, we would argue, if flowers are for sale on the streets, a city is civil – is safe to dwell and travel in.

By this litmus test, Islamabad is rapidly deteriorating. Flower sales are declining across the Pakistani capital, down 3/4 for this time of year. Atif Khan, writing for the Daily Times, interviewed several street florists who all bemoan the current state of affairs.

Umar Ahmen, a flower seller at F-6market, told the Times, 
“Our business has been slashed by 75 percent as people, especially foreigners, have restricted themselves to their houses out of fear of terrorist attacks. Panic prevails here.”


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Posted by Julie on 10/29 at 12:49 PM
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