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Monday, January 12, 2009

Don’t Forget to Check the Swamp

Stumbling upon a strange new variety of garlands at the flower market, Sandy Ao starts clicking and minds start bending. Clue: this plant is also a salt slaker.


What is it? A discovery at the Mullickghat flower market

Kolkata, India

Photo: Sandy Ao

A red mystery’s been brewing here at HFP… ever since photographer Sandy Ao celebrated the New Year with a trip to the Mullickghat flower market in Kolkata and returned with a novelty to share. The Mullickghat vendors this day were selling long garlands of plants (or plant parts?) the likes of which she had never come across before.

“At one glance, these garlands look so plastic. But they are not!” Sandy wrote.  “I have not seen the real flower; again it is a flower pod, like the woodrose,” a plant she introduced to us back in 2007.  “I was informed that this pod contains lots of honey… and bees love it,” she wrote, adding, “They do smell very honey!”

But what are these honeyed spiders?

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Posted by Julie on 01/12 at 09:28 PM
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