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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Dead Phones Sprout Living Flowers

Facing a landscape littered with old cellphones, university scientists make a compostable device that doubles as a seed casing.

Verizon may soon be making a run at the Burpee Company, now that scientists at University of Warwick have devised a compostable, seed-bearing cellphone.

The portable yammer-tool has become one of the most quickly outmoded articles of daily life, but fast as customers trash these things and go looking for a newer model, yammer-holics “want to feel they are making an environmentally sensitive purchase.”

imageDr. Kerry Kirwan


So a team of University of Warwick engineers “led by Dr Kerry Kirwan, have worked with hi tech materials company PVAXX Research and Development Ltd and Motorola to create a mobile telephone case” that’s safe for your compost pile; ” just weeks later the case will begin to disintegrate and turn into a flower. “

Yes, they’ve embedded dwarf sunflower seeds in the mobile phones and are experimenting with other flower varieties too.

May we recommend to Motorola biodegradable beer cans studded with morning glory seed and disposable diapers laden with nasturtium. Presto! Littering becomes gardening.

Posted by Julie on 11/30 at 11:05 AM
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