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Friday, December 31, 2004

Company Recalls Lily Remedy

After sulfites were discovered in some similar products, a California company is taking its dried lily flowers off the market.


Lily bulbs and flowers are old herbal remedies, used both in the West and East.

Wei Chuan USA is recalling its dried lily flowers because “labels failed to disclose that the product may contain sulfites, which can be deadly to those allergic to them.” Consuming sulfites can send asthmatics into shock.

In Chinese medicine, boiled lily flowers and honey before breakfast are sometimes prescribed for patients with hemorrhoids. Euphemism or higher consciousness?—another source recommends dried lily blooms to “calm shen,” or soothe the spirit.

Some Western herbalists exalt the lily’s “antimicrobial oil,” akin to the juices of garlic and onion. The flowers have been used to heal cuts and bruises, and one source deems them “Perfect for removing splinters.”

For now, herbalists would be wise to find alternative anti-epileptic remedies, anodynes (pain relievers), and splinter aids. Another company had to recall its dried lily flowers in 2001.

Posted by Julie on 12/31 at 11:56 AM