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Here Come Santa Claus Flowers

With poinsettia sales down, we still bring tidings of ho-ho-horticulture.


Santa Claus rides again into the flower stand at San Francisco’s Union Square

Photo: Ranjay Mitra

The North Pole is not noted for its floriculture, but could anything measley as arctic ice thwart Santa Claus?

He appeared for the 45th year in a row in San Francisco’s Union Square with mounds of chrysanthemums, daisies, gladiolas, and stems of eucalyptus. The old elf arrived on an energy-efficient bicycle, having laid off the reindeer in a down economy.


imageFuchsia ‘Santa Claus’

Photo: Rainyside Gardeners

With good wishes, we send along two beautiful Santa flowers today. The Santa Claus Fuchsia, with its white corolla and red sepals, nearly jingles. It’s hardy in the Pacific Northwest, among other places (Zones 8-10), but is not a holiday flower there. One grower reports that it blooms “non-stop from late spring to first frost.” How about Christmas in July?

Even better, there’s the Santa Claus Dahlia (photo below). It’s spangled red and white, refreshing as a candy cane and big around as a bowl full of jelly.

Papers from Trinidad to Taiwan are reporting that poinsettia sales are down this Christmas. Chuang Ying-cheng, who owns Sanmin Garden in Taoyuan County, Taiwan, reports that poinsettia sales have declined 10% from last year.

Merlin Kissoon of Under Cover Nurseries in Trinidad lamented that poinsettias are a sign of the season, “not unlike fruit cake or sorrel, and something it is sad to see people go without.”

A show of hands: Who’d be willing to go without fruitcake in order to have a Christmas poinsettia?


Santa Claus Dahlia

Photo: Paul Eugene

Happy holidays to all.

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Happy New Year.

Posted by Lubna on 12/27 at 11:46 PM

I spied a tree-sized, blooming poinsettia in Berkeley a few days before Christmas.

Posted by Georgia on 12/29 at 10:10 AM
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