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Footwear for an Urban Fairy

Designer Michel Tcherevkoff goes to town with flowers, cobbling them into fantasy shoes.


Comes with matching handbag

Shoe Fleur, by Michel Tcherevkoff

Opinion: We don’t think fairies wear shoes.

For one thing, they tend to live off where it’s mossy, in shady groves, sleepy hollows and the like. Not a lot of pavement in Neverneverland. And even if there were, fairies fly,  so why would they trouble with footwear?

Michel Tcherevkoff doesn’t appear to have thought this though, and so—bless his kinky heart—has created Shoe Fleur, a line of espadrilles, heels, and lacey sandals all floral. Many thanks to imp and friend Carolyn Courtney for alerting us.

image“Feet to be Tied” by Michel Tcherevkoff

From Shoe Fleur

Each shoe is composed of the leaves and blossoms on one plant (fantasy needs some parameters). Moonwalk, a platform shoe, has a thick sole that looks cushy, made from a pile of tropical greens. Cocktail Teaser is foot lingerie—orchids, of course. For a toga party, there’s Via Appia, with thongs aplenty, but don’t pull those little stems and strands too tight or the daisies will pop all over your calf. (Perhaps that’s the whole point, Gargantua.) We especially like how Tcherevkoff thought to use crimson coxcomb, velvety enough for the Dr. Scholl’s set.

We suppose these shoes are for urban fairies, who wouldn’t be caught dead going barefoot. Those city flitters who get stuck in aerial traffic will come occasionally down to Earth.

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How beautiful and clever! I’m going to forward this to two of my show-loving friends in Florida. I bet they’ll appreciate Tcherevkoff’s imagination.

Hope you had a lovely Independence Day, Julie!


Posted by Dawn on 07/06 at 06:25 PM

This fanciful footware is fabulous. It brings me to the point of silly alliteration.

Posted by Kimberley on 07/19 at 03:00 PM
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