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AMDG—With Flowers in Macon

“To the greater glory of God”—fourteen churches lay their flowers in a Macon, Georgia, Catholic sanctuary.


Members of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church (l-r) Rosa Harris and Paula Cacavias brought flowers and an icon to St. Joseph Catholic Church in Macon, Georgia, last week.

Photo: Beau Cabell, for Macon Telegraph

You know you’ve got a good thing going when people ask: “Why didn’t we think of this sooner?”

That’s been the question this past week in Macon, Georgia, with the city’s first display of interfaith unity. As part of Macon’s Old City Flower Festival, the flower guild members of St. Joseph Catholic Church decided to ask other congregations to come together and decorate.

St. Joseph’s pastor, the Rev. Allan McDonald, “admits he was skeptical “ that other churches would agree to participate and now “says he’s thrilled.” Members of thirteen congregations – Presbyterian, Greek Orthodox, Episcopalian, Baptist and Methodist – have taken part.


Roslyn Rawls Platt of Vineville Baptist Church, in Macon, Georgia, took part in the

show of interfaith unity.

Photo: Beau Cabell, for Macon Telegraph

Liz Fabian of the Macon Telegraph writes a wonderfully detailed story, describing the flower varieties they chose and the designs they installed.

“Since St. Joseph is the host church, they are trying something new in creating a blanket of flowers that will be propped up on the steps leading to the sanctuary. [Steve] Gonser has taken carnations, mums and lily buds and created a Jerusalem Cross.

imageCathedral of St. John the Baptist Savannah, Georgia

Photo: Savannah Cathedral

“‘I took the design and instead of putting four small equal crosses (around a main cross), I replaced them with different crosses all the denominations use,’ he said.

“The Canterbury cross, Byzantine cross and Celtic cross are above the initials AMDG that represent the Latin, Jesuit motto of ‘to the greater glory of God’” (Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam).

Gonser and Elaine Schmitt, also of the St. Joseph flower guild, were inspired by a Memorial Day floral collaboration at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Savannah. (We had the unexpected joy of visiting this church last month, the most marvelous Christmas decoration we’ve ever seen; the crèche included, along with sheep and oxen, a Low Country alligator.)

Maybe next year’s week of Interfaith Unity in Macon will include non-Christians as well.

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