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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Closing with Callas

Torino’s Winter Olympics staged closing ceremonies this evening, combining Venice Carnival and a phalanx of brides.


Vowing to return in four years? For some reason, women dressed as brides, with illuminated calla lilies, paraded to end the Torino Olympic Games.

Photo: Grigory Dukor, for Reuters

With, weirdly, a march of brides, the Torino Olympics ended this evening. Perhaps NBC will clarify the nuptial theme; thus far we’ve only seen pictures, showing a phalanx of ladies in white carrying faux callas booms, lit from within.

Are the flashlight flowers reminders of the Olympic torch? (Actually we discovered that the wedding theme was part of planning for the Athens summer games two years ago. Have the Italians copycatted the Greeks one more time?)

Our favorite Olympic moment: when Lindsey Jacobellis who, with a big lead in the first-ever women’s snowboard cross, hot-dogged the final jump, crashed, and then regrouped with a big smile for a silver medal. Who would have thought something so fast and loose could still happen at the games?

Posted by Julie on 02/26 at 07:49 PM
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