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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Breadfruit: The Real Thing

There’s no taste like home; for Georgia Silvera Seamans, that’s creamy Jamaican breadfruit.


Artocarpus altilis is a member of the mulberry family.

Drawing: Bats and Breadfruit

By Georgia Silvera Seamans

I received a small gift of Jamaican breadfruit recently. Until I prepared it, frying slices and serving them with cherry tomatoes, avocado, and scrambled egg for dinner, I hadn’t realized how much I’ve missed breadfruit. 

You can eat it with breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And I have. My husband, a non-Jamaican, asked me what one would traditionally eat with breadfruit.  It partners well with eggs and slices of tomatoes, and I also remembered one of my favorite accompaniments – ackee and saltish, Jamaica’s national dish.  (Or maybe it was ackee & saltfish, prepared with onions and tomatoes, with a side of breadfruit.)

My mother used to prepare breadfruit by frying peeled slices or by slicing a breadfruit that had been roasted on the stovetop.  Simply place the fruit on a burner, slowly turning it until it is charred entirely.  Slice the breadfruit and remove the skin before serving.  More detailed roasting preparations as well as selection tips can be found here.

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