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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Born to Smell

Inhale! An exhibit of fragrance, its psychology, physiology, and symbolic power, captivates two Americans in Paris.


The Grand Palais exhibition of scent science opened last

fall and runs through Sunday, May 3.

Photo: Alex Borden

By John and Alex Borden

Having participated in Human Flower Project’s sensory favorites survey, I felt compelled to comment on our visit to this exhibit with the partnership of daughter Alex.

This exposition at the Grand Palais in Paris is an exhibit focused on fragrances and smell.  It’s an easily whiffed interactive attraction.  The 90 or so available opportunities to test one’s sense of smell, with high and low opportunities for big people and little people respectively, run the gamut of foods, trash, gumballs, perfumes, spices, wines, and cognac (we are, after all, in France).  The exhibit’s name, Né Pour Sentir,  is translated as “Born with a sense of smell”, so this Yank could think “but tramps like us baby, we were born to smell.” 

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