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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Are You Game for ‘Flower’?

A new online game mixes environmentalism with animation with a sedentary play on petals. Is it mind expanding or sleep inducing?


Screenshot from “Flower”

Photo: thatgamecompany

Late last year we got wind of “Flower,” a new online game. This is a topic that for many reasons makes us recoil, but today we dared to look.

Animated petals swirl across a landscape. They course along gloomy stone ridges, fall into canyons, and breeze through fields with smokesacks in the distance. Suddenly, you have a hyacinth’s eye view of a hillside, or a circlet of yellow lights, like gold-dust, will twinkle into bloom around the base of a bare tree. It’s Andy Goldsworthy meets Fantasia to “follow the bouncing ball.”

Flower’s creators, an oufit of youngsters who call themselves thatgamecompany, also made “Cloud,” a game that likewise seems intent on blowing through categorizations of art, game, consciousness-raising, and self-hypnosis. Shuddering, semi-classical tone-poem-type music and surfy whooshes provide the sound track.

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Posted by Julie on 01/27 at 06:02 PM
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