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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Dussehra: Tools of Life

On the Hindu festival Dussehra, every implement or conveyance that helps someone make a living gets recognition—a garland of marigolds.


A bicycle, honored as a part of one Mumbai citizen’s

livelihood, on the festival of Dussehra

Photo: Anil P.

We’re late for the party – and we’re also 8300 miles away. So forgive and enjoy our overdue tribute to an auspicious Hindu holiday, observed Monday, September 28th this year.

Our friend in Delhi, Lubna Kably, notified us the day-of in tactful and globally-sensitive verb tenses (in Austin, we’re some 12 hours behind): “Today was Dussehra,” wrote Lubna. “Hindus adorn their cars and other equipment with flowers and worship them. Unfortunately, don’t have photographs to share.”

Sharing the information was and is plenty, Lubna! It sent us onto the time-blind info highway, where we arrived at Anil P’s “windy skies.” Anil provides a rickshaw by rickshaw, garland by garland account of Dussehra in Mumbai.

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