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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Keeping It Tatty

With a detour on foot, John Levett redesigns a city, then comes the Fall. Thank you, John.

imageEssay and photos by John Levett

In one of the photography groups that I co-ordinate I’ll very often ask of someone who has just presented a portfolio of work, “Are you happy with what you’re doing?” If they answer “Yes” I’ll very often suggest that they try something else. I call it The Miles Davis Scenario.

Whatever you think of Miles Davis as exemplary human being you have to grant that he changed the constituents and constituency of popular culture. He also knew when an idea had become exhausted and it was time to move on. Nobody, no style, no way of making music was granted permanence. Everything changes—no canon, no academy, no tradition. Kick out the band; start again.

It’s always a good move; comfort gets you nowhere if you’re intent on moving. Miles changed everything; Marsalis changed nothing.

I wish I’d had this attitude decades ago. I spent too much of a life in the safe zone. I always seem to be reminding myself of this. I was watching a documentary a week or so ago on Mark E Smith and how he kept The Fall in perpetual motion. You need a certain temperament to do that & I never had it. Which is why I’m so intent on getting it. It’s why I seem to keep going back.

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Posted by Julie on 10/14 at 11:35 AM
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