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Friday, April 02, 2010

Orthodox and Floral:  Good Friday

In contrast with Roman Catholic and most Protestant churches, the Eastern Orthodox sects do not shun flowers on Good Friday: lemon flowers in Crete, floral biers in New Jersey, daffodils in Bulgaria, and more.


A dome-shaped Epitaphion for Good Friday,

St. Nicholas Church, Brixton, South Africa

Photo: Khanya

In the Episcopal Church, and many others, this is the most flowerless day of the year: Good Friday.

A guide to Roman Catholic sacristans for Maundy Thursday could be followed (with other names for “Mass”) by many Protestant denominations also. “Be prepared for the stripping of the altar after Mass,” writes Paul Turner. “Remove flowers, candles, altar cloth and any other decorations. This should be done quietly and reverently.”

Another liturgical handbook conveys the same message, just slightly different timing. “All decorations come down Friday morning.  Cross is bare.”

Christian tradition says that Jesus was crucified at noon, and died three hours later.

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Posted by Julie on 04/02 at 03:46 PM
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