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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

One for the Plant Paparazzi

Pumpkin growing, dandelion seed-scattering, and other activities of the plant world cry out for moving images. The EarthScholars tip us off to an advance in time-lapse photography.


Shooting a bloom: a green paparazzo at work

Photo: Turbophoto

By James H. Wandersee and Renee M. Clary

EarthScholars™ Research Group

There are throngs of freelance photographers lurking out there, hoping to catch celebrities in the act of everyday living. You can now be part of a photographic venture that’s equally as exciting – maybe more so. Who wants to join the plant paparazzi?

Want to record your four o’clock flowers opening in mid-afternoon and closing in early morning? Want to watch bumble bees visiting your snapdragons? How about capturing the blooming and seed dispersal of dandelions? Or shooting an apple tree from blossom-time to ripe fruit?  Or showing everyone how you raised a giant pumpkin?

There are lots of reasons to take outdoor time-lapse movies, and lots of ways to do so. But until now, most of them have required photo-technical expertise, multiple pieces of delicate equipment, tripods, electrical cords, and protection from the elements.


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Posted by Julie on 06/02 at 03:23 PM
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