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Friday, October 03, 2008

Ready, Set, Wristlet!

For 25 florists in the SAF’s biggest design competition, it’s beauty on demand. And make it snappy.


Coby Neal (right) hoists the Sylvia Cup, September 2008,

presented by Jerome Raska (left) and Bob Williams

Photo: Adam Donohue, RedLetter Photography

With Michael Phelps back in street clothes, it was high time for the Florist Olympics. Well, the Society of American Florists calls it the Sylvia Cup, but it, too, draws on speed, concentration, training, and jaw-clenching competitiveness. (You did know that florists are competitive, right?)

The SAF springs three design challenges on twenty-five top-tier florists. Working with the same combination of materials (all kept secret ahead of time), the designers have two hours to make magic.

“You might have a bridal bouquet concept in your head and you get there and you’re not doing a bridal bouquet,”  two-time winner Conrad Quijas of Lincoln, Nebraska, told the Jamestown Sun.  “You may get a sympathy piece, you may get a corsage….”

This year, each florist had to turn out a hand-tied bouquet, a centerpiece for a 60” round table (yes, like archery, this is a precision sport) and “a creative wristlet adornment.” 

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Posted by Julie on 10/03 at 04:19 PM

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

That’s No Garden, It’s a Billboard

Highway projects all are riding the brakes. Will flowering logos be the detour around federal laws?


Sales pitch, this exit ~ Vegetative advertising

Photo: via Scenic America

Gas prices have done what poison air and green-zeal never managed. They’ve actually curtailed driving in the U.S. While our sympathies go out to tire patchers, we and lots of others think this is change for the better (right, yes, it took having a gun to our heads.)

Here’s the rub. Revenues from the high tax on fuel are what maintain state and federal highways. With sales of gasoline unexpectedly lower, hundreds of transportation improvements that are underway or were scheduled have stalled now.

And some see the shortfall as an opportunity to revive a rather ghastly human flower project. 

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Posted by Julie on 10/01 at 05:32 PM
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